Saturday, March 22, 2008

Eth-ter (almost)

So...if it's a holiday, then my grocery store must be remodelling. Honestly, they remodelled during the Christmas craziness. This last Christmas. Apparently that wasn't good enough, because they're at it again for Easter.

Because nothing says holiday cheer like a trip into a grocery store where you must navigate each and every aisle before you can check everything off your seasonally extra-long and unusual shopping list. Well, check off most of the list--I came home without Knudsen's Sparkling Pear Juice.

They've even created a few aisles that didn't exist previously and I can guarantee that if you can't find something, said item will be located in one of the new aisles, but only after you've fruitlessly cruised all the regular aisles twice. The exception being the Knudsen's (of course).

Rumor has it (and I'm hoping this is entirely false) that they are planning to move part of the parking lot and install an outdoor dining area. They may be hoping that their customers who ordinarily visit for thirty minutes right smack dab in the busiest aisles ( will relocate outside. I can assure them that this will not happen.

Haven't they heard that the parking lot is the thing we love best about them. I know, it sounds weird...but honestly their handy-dandy super-convenient parking lot is fairly unique. It works so well, that I always wonder why other supermarkets don't follow suit. And now they might change it???

I'll willingly spend an extra ten minutes searching out brown sugar, cough syrup and vermicelli because I know eventually I'll have the place memorized again when the remodelling is over. But please don't mess with the parking lot. I promise I'll reduce my chats no more than five minutes and only in aisles that are not busy (dog food, paper goods, greeting cards). Pretty please? With chocolate bunnies on it?

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