Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Flip Side

To balance all the warm weather over Easter weekend, the temperatures dropped about ten degrees and the zephyrs began howling more than usual. They have ranged from hundred mile gusts over the mountain tops to easily sixty miles puffs around town.

I was dodging giant three foot tumbleweeds, blown from who knows where, during my drive home for lunch and doggy face time. Usually we just avoid potholes here during the Spring.

And to counteract all that flower power blooming in my yard, we had huge duststorms on the hillsides that experienced firestorms last summer. It breaks my heart to think of the exposed soil and ash from lovely large pine trees blowing into the atmosphere. least I can do something about that. I signed up to plant a grove of baby trees on the watershed and pledged to water them during the next two summers.

I will admit that I'm being self-serving. I hike in that area all summer anyway, so it's really no trouble to carry in some water and beautify my hike at the same time.


  1. hee! I love that you're going to go out and water the trees! I wish we had more folks around here doing that on our rivers, its SO hard for us to scrape up volunteers, even those who are out there all the time walking and hiking and enjoying the river!

  2. It's a nice community here--folks get involved. I found out today that we will be planting native species (I'm thrilled about that) and hopefully the creek will be running much of the summer so we don't have to haul water!