Thursday, March 20, 2008


It's official! Winter is over! Three cheers for Springtime!

  • Why is it that I need a vacation to recover from my vacation??
  • We had "yeprichauns" visit the kindergarten classroom!
  • I have actual flowers, numerous types, blooming in my yard--eat your heart out!
  • I'm about to find out how much it costs to take out our twenty-year old pin oak--to prepare for the estimate without incurring cardiac arrythmia I'm currently poking my finger into a light socket and then sticking pins in my flesh.
  • Working on the principle that there is a silver lining to everything, I'll calculate how much a cord of seasoned oak firewood costs.
  • I have zero bunnies decorating my house and Easter is in three days.
  • Using the it-could-be-worse syndrome, this is what the real-life bunnies did in my son's garden

The dark shadow is all that remains of the $10 artemesia I had planted. Note the fresh artemesia leaves scattered about--someone needs to tell the bunnies about the starving hares in China. Bad enough they ate the plant, worse that they wasted the leaves! I know it's almost Easter and all, but darn it! where are those coyotes when you need them.

Okay, off to use the extra hour of daylight (love it, love it, love it!) and make my house look like Easter.

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  1. Happy Spring! The daffodils are blooming at my work!