Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm listening to fireworks--it's the Aces first home game in their new (and gorgeous) ballpark. This opening game sold out!

I remember my very first Major League game ever. We lucked into some free tickets to an Angels game and were hooked. The field was surprisingly green and clay-red! I discovered that TV just doesn't begin to capture the feel. We've watched some great games but especially loved the ones that went to extra innings. They meant late bedtimes, but we never left before the contest was settled. We even took Pierre as a baby (he was born in sight of the park).

Life with kids and jobs got busy and we didn't get back to baseball until we moved north and emptied our nest. As lifelong Giants fans, we climbed on BART and experienced PacBell Park sans car and parking. Very cool. There's not a bad seat anywhere in it either.

We continued our "new" ballpark tour in San Diego and had the dubious pleasure of trying to explain the rules to co-workers from Spain, China, Turkey and Serbia. And yes, we were really out in left field at Petco, but the crowd's energy was awesome.

I'm excited that we have a Triple A team now. Guess what we'll be splurging on this summer?

Good luck, Aces!

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  1. I love going to watch baseball. There is something so thrilling in seeing a game live. The sights, the sounds, the fun! Tomorrow we are going to a 51s game. I look forward to their season every year.