Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Trying Not To Count

Spring in northern Nevada is like the poems my kids wrote in sixth grade:

S - Snow
P - Perfect Weather
R - Rain
I - Ice on the pond again
N - Nice day
G - Gale-force winds.

At least all that weather didn't occur on one day, just one week. Progress, of a sort.

G might also stand for Grumpy. I'm grumpy with the kids, they're grumpy with each other, we all want to be somewhere else...somewhere warm. Could Spring Break please hurry up and arrive?

I love my job (a lot). But right now I don't want to be there. If the weather was warm and sunny, y'know, good gardening weather, I'd be dying. As it is, I managed to lay ten rolls of sod today and was more than happy to come inside when I was finished. See, I knew there was a silver lining to our cold, windy, grey weather.

We have two more days of school and I have to force myself to get up in the morning, to go out the front door and head off to school, to keep myself heading west instead of turning tail and coming back to my warm cozy bed. I've even been inventing possible excuses to take a sick day--allergies, sinuses, lethargy, exhaustion--I actually have all of the above, but I still feel good, almost healthy, darn it.

I need a wheezy breath that sounds like second cousin to an accordion. Or one of those deep hacking coughing spells. Something to impress someone enough that they'd believe me when I say I just can't make it to work.

I guess I'll just have to survive another two days somehow.


  1. I will gladly pass along my heavy chest cough to you if it would help you out. Lord knows I would love to be rid of it.

  2. Thanks for the offer. I've been having nightmares about getting sick during Spring Break--that's the last thing I need. However, I may ask to borrow it when we go back to class (she said with a grin).