Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Officially Inspired

Talk about perfect timing!  I found this wonderful holiday craft ezine 
(via the Graphics Fairy ) just as I happen to have some extra time on my hands. 

With Christmas right around the corner, I don't need any other reason to be sidetracked into an orgy of sparkle, elves, trees and stockings (each and every project necessary to make this holiday season memorable for my family and friends).  I'm going to be very busy indeed as I wind up some unfinished sewing projects and morph into my Mrs. Santa alter-ego.

Check out Amy Powers for a just a small sample of the myriad delights to be found in her Inspired Ideas.  Just make sure you have plenty of time to leisurely browse when you check out her free ezine, otherwise the dinner will burn and the dogs will go hungry while you do some Christmas shopping.

Tonight I know I'll have visions of sugarplums--and silk yoyo trees, glittering putz houses (oh how I've wanted to try making these little gems),
vintage ornament wreaths, and sparkly Sculpey snowmen dancing in my brain!

Maybe I don't miss summer after all.

Ho, ho, ho,


  1. I have always loved those little houses! I have to check out the site (although sadly not until after the grading and the book fair bulletin board are done). I wish we were closer and could just schedule a regular craft night. But least I can muster some enthusiasm for the holidays now that I am feeling a little better.

  2. I love those little sugar coated houses, have a few old crusty ones from the 50's.

    PS.I have to tell you how I laughed at your caption, I knew you'd come up with a good one!

  3. Those little houses are too cute... reminds me a little of who-ville. Looks like a great find (the e-zine) I am a little afraid to venture over!