Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Last Gardening Day 2010?

Thoughts on a chilly November day:
    • From fifty mild degrees to fifteen chilly degrees equals a panicked motivated gardener!
    • Instead of movie-going with my sweetie, I'm spending a much-needed day in the garden.
    • I don't know who's running the weather, but it would be nice if all the leaves could be down and raked before the first snowfall.
    • If I don't get the leaves raked today, I might get the chance until next Spring when the blanket of white melts.
    • I don't want to see old leaves next Spring.
    • Keeping my hood up keeps me toasty-warm while raking, mowing and clipping.
    • The yard is was end-to-end leaves, including the pond.
    • The big net (formerly for pollywog catching) works great at "fishing" fallen leaves out of the pond.
    • My neighbors have oak leaves that are six inches long.
    • I hate to trim the last golden-yellow mums (even if they are long past their prime) because they're the last flowers of the year.
    • Having a kleenex in my pocket is a really good idea on a cold day.
    • Leaves work well in the coop--the girls enjoy nesting in them.
    • Pine needles are nicer to walk on than squishy chicken mud.
    • I like having the Bombshells for company while I garden.
    • Remember where the non-blooming phlox are.
    • Life is too short for flowers that refuse to bloom.
    • Sleep well, little baby rosemary plant. I'm glad I don't have to bring you inside.
    • I hope I remember where the new monarda, the white sage and the other newbies are next year.
    • It sure feels good to have the garden clean and tidy.  Snow may now come.


    1. Now you can pop over and help me rake and clean mine. LOL

    2. I wish I had been up to getting out and taking care of the garden. Leaves are everywhere and I need to get the water system and hose bibs off for the freezing weather ahead. Alas, such is not to be. A Science Fair project claims what little energy I have.