Monday, November 15, 2010

Nothin' Says Loving Like Pumpkin Gingerbread in the Oven!

I just hafta share this seasonally delicious treat with you! In fact, I'm surprised you didn't call me up and ask about that irresistible spicy aroma floating out of the cottage and permeating the neighborhood.
I started with the basic five-star recipe from which you can check out hereThen I started to make changes as suggested in the reviews and according to the current meager contents of my cupboard. Without further fanfare (although it deserves all the fanfare it can get), here is my (kinda healthier) version of
Frosty's Pumpkin Gingerbread

Oh yeah, the usual stuff:  grease the pans or spray with Pam and only fill halfway. I made a 9 x 5 loaf, two mini loaves about 5 x 3 plus ten muffins from this recipe. Bake 45 min. for the little loaves, 25 or so for the muffins. All were received with delight and glee by neighbors and family!

I got to use up eggs from the Bombshells (they're still laying up a storm and we can hardly eat them fast enough) and more of my jack o'lantern pumpkin puree (there's a limit to how much pumpkin soup my family will eat without protest in a month's time).



  1. Hear my belly growling? LOL! It looks so yummy.

  2. Thanks for the receipt. Love, love, love that pumpkin bread AND we too, have a lotta blond bombshell eggs!

  3. That sounds just fabulous! You are a very good cook, Pogonip. Thanks for sharing your recipe.
    Hugs, Beth