Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Mugged: Latte-Style

Meet my new love.

I don't blame you for being jealous. Deal with it. This one's mine!

What's that you say? Being pretty on the outside is nice, but it's the inside that counts?
Got that covered.

I missed our colorful holiday latte mugs when I stored them away.  So I treated myself on my birthday.  I was looking to replace our old sugar bowl at Ross when I ran across my flowered friend.  Sold!

Bear with me--I'm enamoured...

 Still life: Mug with cannisters.

Still life #2: Mug with apron.

Still life #3: Mug with Kindle

Still life #4: Mug with African Violet.

Enough already!
She does play nicely with my other housewifely loves though, doesn't she?


  1. Love the floral mug.......nothing like a great looking mug with some steaming hot coffee to start your day off right! I'm a mug fan too. How do you like the Kindle? What are you reading right now? I'm a readaholic too! Lynn

  2. I love LOVE it!! Where did you find that gorgeous cup? I must have one.

  3. Mugs are very important, in my humble opinion. They set the tone for the day. So glad you found one that lifts your spirits!

  4. What a sweet mug. You have a friend in that one. Sweet tea, cocoa, coffee - all that good stuff.