Monday, February 28, 2011

The Demise of the Healthy Blogger

Not the actual blogger.  Or said blogger's health.  Just the blog about it.

Maybe I could have titled this post The Healthy Blogger Bites the Dust.  (Biting dust is probably low-cal and maybe even an appetite supressant.  I doubt that it's healthy though--might have some trace minerals but I'm guessing no vitamins.)

Pardon me while I have a silly attack.

I just deleted my other blog since I hadn't posted to it since November and I have this moderate sense of relief--enough for some silly. (That would be my voice performing a sad version of opera.)

FYI, I didn't delete it because I've given up.  I'm still working more health into daily life with a little help from No More Holidays (thank heavens) for a while and a giant boost from The Big Guy who can tweak my exercises so they're more effective and also who bullied me into keeping a Food Journal for a week. 

Thank you for your attention.  We now return you to our regular health-free programming.


  1. Well that sounds like it was a relief. lok forward to enjoying more of this one:P

  2. Oh, I hate keeping a food journal, can't believe you let him talk you into that LOL! Enjoy your attack of the sillies !


  3. I need to get back on the band wagon but I don't think a weight loss blog would help me either. We will just have to support each other in other ways.