Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dream On

The guest bath in the cottage isn't our highest priority; heck, it's not even on the to-do list! Maybe that's why it was so easy to assemble an inspiration board for it. (When there's no budgetary constraints, the sky's the limit!)  Do you do the same thing?  Daydream about a project that won't come into being for another decade?

Perhaps the vinyl and underlayment that's peeling up and buckling due to an over-exuberant boy shower a few years back has subconsciously influenced my brain.  Whatever the reason, I'm currently inundated with visions of clawfoot tubs, hexagonal tiles, a marble countertop and porcelain accessories.  Also beadboard and a skylight (as long as I'm daydreaming I might as well go for broke and invent the bath of my dreams).

I call it "Country Vintage Charm."  I originally thought it could be "Classic Vintage Elegance" until I laughed so hard at myself I almost got a mouthful of Sleepytime tea all over the keyboard.

This bath will be the place where dogs fresh from a muddy pasture will be bathed and blow-dried, paintbrushes and glue guns will reside occasionally and brightly-colored rugs and shower curtains will flourish.
I seriously doubt that anyone will use elegance to describe anything I dream up EVER! And that's okay--I may be a dreamer but I'm also a country girl at heart who loves gingham, cheery colors and critters with dirty paws.


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  1. My life consists of constant daydreams and plans. I keep notebooks of future gardens, home renovations, and ideas galore. In a way, it is kind of good to be financially unable to make all your dreams come true instantly. Because those plans change and get better and better. When one is finally able to act on the "dream", the plan has evolved and usually vastly improved. I have done it time and again.

  2. Very cute post. I was recently asked if money was no object what vacation would I take... I think I like the money is no object game:) Love your dreamy bathroom.

    Of course Kharma is keeping it very real:)

  3. I ADORE claw foot tubs! There is one in Lowes I insist on stepping into every single time we go in there. My dream is to have one some day. :)