Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Four Missing Bombshells

The winter winds have been gusting at speeds higher than I'd like--the kinds of speeds that usually feature a Weather Channel reporter with a churning ocean and tortured palm trees in the background.  Plenty powerful as they raced down the backside of the Sierra to blow three fence boards off the gate to our chicken run.  Fence boards with at least four nails and sometimes a screw holding them on.

Yep, I came home for lunch and discovered a wide-open run and nary a chicken to be seen either in the run or anywhere around their usual haunts in the backyard.  Two wind-blown dogs, but no Bombshells.

I immediately began envisioning the girls achieving flight with the assistance of the winds and making an unscheduled departure for points east, necessitating wanted posters around the neighborhood and lost chicken appeals on craigslist.

Oh, the thoughts that raced through my mind:
Would whoever found them know how sweet they were as chicks?

Would anyone appreciate the difference between CaroleAmelia and Rita? Between Sophia and Norma Jean?
Would they even end up together?

It's strange how an emergency situation can disconnect my actions from my brain.  I found myself inside the empty run for no good reason, looking inside an apparently deserted coop.  A coop that they normally avoid unless darkness or the arrival of an egg is imminent. 
Turns out chickens aren't exactly dumb clucks.  All four ladies were inside, happily and cozily ensconced in mounds of straw, protected from the wicked winds.

Giant sigh of relief.  And an immediate grab for a girl's best friend.  Yes, power tools to the rescue!  An electric drill along with a pocketful of longer screws and a Phillips bit securely reattached the boards and I was able to return to work on time knowing that the Bombshells world was once more a safe place.

The winds can gust and blow as much as they want (they are), the daytime temperatures can drop forty degrees in the next day or so (predicted), the skies can change from deep blue to snow-filled clouds (probable),  and Old Man Winter can reappear--my chicky-chiquitas and I are ready.  I feel like I'm not a total failure as a chicken mama after all.

Although my original abilities at coop building and chicken enclosures might be somewhat in doubt.

Grateful for a happy ending,


  1. Whew! You scared me!!! I am so glad they were tucked away safe... although I am still not convinced it had anything to do with brains:)

  2. Glad you found your chucks! They were very cute as little chicklets! I would love some of my own but I think my dog would try and eat them.

    The winds here were really bad last week. I found one of my neighbours gutters half way up the street and someone's fence was in my allotment!

  3. Sure glad they were found safe and sound. Smart chicks! Wow the winds hopefully have died down by now. And it's not even March! Not sure where you are but i hope this isn't heading on to Chicago.

  4. That would make anyone's heart race. Whew! Smart girls. They knew better than to scare you and to stay in a safe and warm home.

  5. You had me scared! I am glad the girls found shelter. Who knows, maybe the dogs herded them into the coop.

  6. Thank goodness they were all okay! What smart chickies you have there. :)