Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Love To Surf

California girl, and all that.

Truthfully,  I'm more at home in the mountains (no matter how snow-covered) than on the beach (no matter how warm and sunny), but I do love to surf--web-surf that is. You can find the most inspiring, dream-inducing sites.

Like these Tiny Texas Houses.   This company believes small is beautiful!  These beauties are crafted with recycled wood, reused metal, upcycled cast-iron sinks and (clawfoot!) tubs and customized beautifully.  Want to live off the grid?  Have a/c?  Go solar?  Love to cook on an induction stove?  This customer-pleasing company can do.

These homes appeal to my inner ranch-girl, my bent for all things vintage, and the part of me that wants to save the earth.

Oh yeah, and the fact that housework in one of these little gems would be soooo easy and quick doesn't hurt either. They range from 10 by 10 up to a whopping 12 by 28.
It would be like playing in a stinking-cute dollhouse! They almost make me want to move to Texas just to live in one.


Riffing on the tiny theme--I love teardrop trailers. Huell Howser's California Gold had a program on them a few years back.  They were popular in the 40's and 50's.  They're polar opposites to RVs.  I drool everytime we pass one sales lot in Auburn next to I-80.

Teardrops have a bitty camp-style kitchen in back.  This one comes complete with a spice rack and built-in "fridge" and plenty of pizazz.

It's the best of both world's--I could have fun cooking in the wilderness and my sweetie could still sleep in his own bed.  Our interior wouldn't be this bland calm though.

The possibilities of customizing the exteriors makes me hyperventilate just a bit.  A woody on the outside with a retro fifties interior (think beach party meets FiestaWare).

Is this cowgirl trailer for sale? I just happen to have the perfect cowgirl pillowcase for it.
A cowgirl teardrop with some gingham curtains and cowhide accents would look cute. And my sweetie would look so much better standing outside than this bearded dude.  No offense meant, bearded dude.

It's so fun to dream!

I dream practical too.  I'm surfing for a new kitchen faucet:  long, tall, polished chrome.
If someone could wave a magic wand, I have a bathroom in need of a makeover.  I'd be happy to surf for black and white hexagonal tiles, a clawfoot tub,  and chrome and porcelain fixtures--luxuriously vintage elegance-- if someone would like to finance me!

I'd settle for a kitchen faucet that doesn't get me wet every time I turn it on though!

Back to real life: rising bread dough, dinner dishes that need loading into the dishwasher, checking out the weather report while pumping a bit of iron and remembering to set the alarm for tomorrow morning.



  1. Find me a kitchen faucet while you are surfing. Please. Pretty please. Those pull out spray faucets are plastic on the end and the seam of ours is separating. So we are functioning on borrowed time. I like shiny and chrome is so hard to find these days.

    Oh, give me a home where the buffalo (bison) roam......

  2. I'm glad to see the tiny house in fashion again...McMansions were never my thing. These are some cute places. They have such charm. Good luck on the faucets.

  3. How fun. I love surfing and finding fun things like these. The little houses are so cute.
    My daughter and I went up into Amish country here in Ohio one year and they had these little sheds and playhouses at this one location. They were just so adorable. I told here when I got feeble and old she could get me one of those for me to live in in her backyard. LOL! They had all I could need or take care of.
    I just do not know if she would want me living in her backyard or not. LOL!