Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My Word

I always look back on the successes and failures of the Old Year and then set goals (rather than make resolutions) for the New Year. I'd never had a yearly theme though and I thought it was pretty interesting to discover what "word" for 2011 other bloggers chose for themselves. None of those reverberated in that inner place that tells me when something is right so I've happily muddled through January wordless. (Better make that "word-free" since my guys can tell you wordless I'm not!)

Well, one of this year's goals was to start walking again; I've been really bad about it but I actually had the time to take the Kharma dog and get outside this weekend. The trails were mushy instead of icy, so they were out. I could quickly tell that my usual hilly hike would be more than my post-holiday lassitude could handle, so I chose an easy route. Hey, I figured that a brisk walk on a flat surface was going to burn more calories than sitting on the sofa watching Season 3 of The Tudors would!

Once I actually got myself outside, the misty rain/snow wasn't at all annoying and I began enjoying moving some unused muscles and breathing deeply while Kharma investigated all the new scents in the neighborhood. I discoverd a previously unnoticed cottage with a green door that was the exact right shade I've been envisioning (third home on the left from the trail). I practiced some heelwork with my best girl since I had the forethought to store lots of treats in my pocket. There were ponds with unusual ducks and trees filled with shy little birds, all unfamiliar migrants that made me wish for my Audubon Western Birds and my mini-binoculars. Kharma enjoyed meeting new dog friends out for a walk and gloried in out-racing a speedy hunting dog in the pasture.

I came home pleasantly pooped, with hat hair and a muddy dog. I also brought home something I wasn't looking for. A word floated down into my hands, one perfect for 2011. You know how the world seems washed clean after a rain? And how energetic and vocal the birds are in spring? How everything seems filled with newness and possibilities? While I was surrounded by all that nerve-tingling delight, the word "fresh" popped into my mind and I realized that, while fresh described our day, it also epitomized what I needed from this year: freshness, a fresh start.

Other phrases began popping into my mind. Fresh outlook. Fresh snow. Fresh veggies. Fresh eggs. Fresh fruit. Fresh air. Fresh breath. Fresh paint. Fresh laundry. Fresh water.  Fresh flowers. See? This word has possibilities!

Down with outworn habits and useless complaints and poor-me groans and all the muck that I realize has been smothering any forward progress.

Fresh! It's a touchstone inspiring me to rediscover what makes me happy.

Fresh! It's my clarion call to change and reinvent.

Fresh! It's my new motto.


  1. Great "Word" and I love your new banner. I have to learn to do that!

  2. Fresh post! I loved it! I look forward to more of your fresh ideas.