Monday, February 28, 2011

Sneak Peeks

I have lots of projects in the process of Becoming.
Clockwise from the upper left: 
  • Kharma (do dogs qualify as projects?);
  • R-Y-E  (Would it help if I told you I also have another M and an E still to be painted?) and a wooden candlestick awaiting more paint; 
  • new hammock fabric; 
  • future valance in laundry room; 
  • and newly painted robin's eggs (previously tan speckled).
Not shown:  a How-To post on How I Paint My Signs (it turns out I have some good tips) as well as one on Editing in Picasa.

The best part is when several projects get finished almost simultaneously and you feel like You've Really Accomplished Something!



  1. Oh, the projects! I have decided that my house it too disorganized to get my projects done... everything scattered in this room or that. My big project right now is cleaning! Or at least get the project stuff into one room.

    I love your little vignette of the nest in your pretty teacup. So very cheery:)

  2. That is quite the list. Doesn't it feel good to write it all out. Now that it out here in blog land, though, you are kind of held accountable. :)
    Oh the pressure. hehe.
    Pam at BeColorful