Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Consistently Country

New year, new decade, fresh slate--this is the perfect time for those of us who are style-challenged to receive some first-class advice to help us make our nest more us.  

This is a quick and easy questionnaire and, although I'm usually skeptical about how true the results are, I took this quiz last year and again today with the Same. Exact. Result.  So it must be true!  (Or at least in the ballpark.)  And Home Goods hasn't added me to their email list or contacted me in any way so there's no commitment or privacy issues here. 

This is as close to a personal decorator as I'll ever get so I copied the result into Word.  I thought it was good solid advice I can use when I'm dithering over choices.  Which is pretty much always.

I'm a Country Eclectic.  The "Country" part is no surprise.  I have no interest in formal rooms or anything trendy or avant-garde.  Give me florals, comfort, easy-breezy care and color and I'm happy.  The "Eclectic" isn't a shock either since I love the vintage hand-me-downs from family, the pieces we've chosen and the curbside freebies that've I've hauled home.  (I think eclectic is just a nicer name for dither, right?)

pogonip, you are a Country Eclectic:  you have wide-ranging interests and influences and therefore appreciate a mix of styles, periods and objects.  You love the breezy-layered look of wonderfully personal beach houses and the happy florals of English cottages. Bringing the outdoors in makes you happy:  a little chintz or ruffle or weathered furniture, urns filled with tennis rackets, colored glasses filled with cut flowers, vintage-looking, mixed teacups, and all things that give a sense of a happy, simple life.   You value comfort.  Your home is a warm and open friendly place, and you feel happiest when everyone is cared for and relaxed in your space.  Elements like pillows, throws and overstuffed furniture set the mood.


I totally do the colored glass and flowers, love my teacups, florals and ruffles. The urns of tennis rackets...well, I have considered using our old wooden rackets as wall art but my urns will remain planted with summer color.

Your Design Challenge:  Unify!  The good news is, you probably have many things you love and have collected, and no one would ever say your home is boring!  You've done the hard part; now you just need to pull it all together.  If your furniture seems like a mish-mash, unify it though similar upholstery or slipcovers.

It's possible that the Home Goods decorators are aliens invading our brains, because slipcovers are high on the to-do list this year and how could they have known otherwise?  The thought is that if I use neutral palettes on the upholstery (and new furniture is NOT in the budget like, for example, food) then I can contemplate new wall color this summer.  

The colors that they selected as my Happy Home favorites are all vanilla and honey and butter tones.  I love living in warm sunny colors:  I describe my favorite wall color as either melted vanilla ice cream  or banana eggnog depending on my mood.

Your Happy Place:  Think of your outdoor space, no matter how small, as rooms, an create distinct areas.  A pair of chaises flanking a little side table makes a living room.  A lantern hanging from a tree or pergola over a table and chairs makes a dining room.  A cluster of potted plants on a patio can create a cozy nook, and a single urn or bench placed at the far end can draw your eye, making a space seem longer.

I'd love my garden to be liveable space--this advice, my admiration for The Enchanted Garden (this summer I'll have to post about this incredible yard, just around the corner from us--if I don't, feel free to remind me), the Queen Mother's pond and grass dying during the fence rebuild spurred me to make many of the changes in the past two summers.  I'm still eyeing the patio edge and musing about blueberry bush hedges for the future.

All in all, fun and worthwhile.

If you take the quiz, let me know.  I'd love to know what decorating style you are and what you thought! 


  1. always humming1/14/2010 6:22 PM

    According to that quiz,I am "country casual". Do you buy that? Their photos seemed to me to be one extreme or the other, with not much of the "traditional" in between. I wish home decorating was that simple for me, but it is not. I dither and as a result do almost nothing. Maybe it is because I have to commit limited financial resources and time and just want to it once and so want to get it "right". Much to your chagrin!

  2. We have a cousin who's Bohemian Chic and I think it fits her perfectly.

    I'm trying to figure out all the categories they have--everyone gets two labels--and how they generate them. I can see you Country, but not Casual.

  3. "vanilla and honey and butter tones"

    This is me to a T! I love warm yellows and creams. And my favorite scent is Yankee Candles Buttercream! I think I may have to take that quiz to find out what I am.