Monday, January 25, 2010

Drip Drip Drip

Is it raining?  I can't see any actual raindrops.  It doesn't matter--welcome to headache day three.  I decided to call it the flu--lots of aches and a day of HGTV.  At least it isn't a migraine.

When I regain the use of my life I'm heading out to buy the napkin fabric in natural brown linen/cotton.  The Pottery Barn sunflower pillow has inspired me--what about a fuchsia pillow?...or a gloriosa daisy pillow?

...or a hummingbird pillow?..or a tigerlily pillow?

...or a cosmos pillow?

If I can paint just one pillow and love it...the others will follow.  I can see them so clearly in my mind and browsing my garden photos is a joy in itself on a wintery day.

I can also see the brown fabric, which has so much body to it, as a great faux-French market bag.  Maybe with white lining and a stencilled "Paris" on the front in a great script font.  Yum!

While lying in bed, aching, I'm also promising myself that I'll also stop at the Habitat ReStore conveniently located close by the fabric stash and look for a cabinet door that I can re-purpose  into a front porch sign for Meadowsweet Cottage.  Something with an arch shape that I can paint Apple Green (because that colorbug hasn't departed yet). 

Ahhhh, the joys of dreaming.

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  1. I love the color of that last flower. So bright and vibrant!

    I am going on day four of my headache. Started out as a knock-em down, make me puke migraine and has slowly eased up enough where I can function. Unfortunately I can't take any time off. So I suffer and whine and complain and tell everyone to be quiet around me.