Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Eleven Ladies Dancing

Probably they ate way too much chocolate fudge, drank a couple extra cups of hot cocoa and indulged in a few too many desserts throughout December. Then they stepped onto a scale and screamed in agony at the red zone number which appeared. And decided that dance was the least painful way to remove some of the jiggle.

Which brings us to the subject of today's post. The one that should have appeared yesterday but got sidetracked by a sinus headache, that one. Anyway, resolutions. They're on everyone's mind, even those who don't make them find their thoughts wandering and pondering change and improvement. I don't have to make any resolutions this year. Not because the last decade's worth finally made me perfect but because my new apron came pre-equipped with good suggestions.

I'll apologize in advance for the fuzzy photos. I'm choosing to go with what I have instead of pursuing photographic perfection.
I'm reminded that I need to nurture my family's spirit as well as their tummies at dinnertime and I'm making an effort to promote conversation nightly.

I'm always available for a looooong phone conversation. But too often my friends are the ones who have to pick up the phone. I need to initiate contact more. I remember birthdays but am unprepared with a card or gift. Planning ahead would help. Like maybe getting things NOW TODAY instead of wishing I had something five seconds after the birthday ends. Any present is better than the perfect present that doesn't happen.

We only get one shot at life. No use pouting and moaning. Instead of blaming others, I've recognized that my attitude is controlled totally by me and I can choose how I react. Meet the more cheerful and less stressed me.

No need to elaborate here.

A good idea even if you've been married as long as I have--decades, centuries, eons. Anyway, long time and I need to keep those sweet feelings circulating.

One of us is still jobless, but cultivating gratitude for the many blessings I enjoy will keep me smiling with the happy side effect of not creating any frowny wrinkles.

Gardeners get this one.

It's nice to recognized, isn't it?!

Pretty cool that I get inspired every time I put on my apron or even walk through the kitchen where it's hung up. I'm expecting to be fabulous by 2011!

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