Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just A Snowbird At Heart

Either I'm three weeks behind or else I'm eleven months ahead, 'cause every project I've worked on for the last week is either a holiday present to be (because, if recent history is any indicator, unless I start the gift making now, I likely won't have it done in time for Christmas Twenty-Ten) or it's something that I've been dying to make for myself (but refrained from finishing while I made things for other people).

So...presenting Pogonip's Winter Collection:

The beginnings of the snowflake apron. Currently unfinished while I decide what the lining will be. Do I search for a soft wintery blue print? Do I line it with the same blue? What about a white-on-white back? I'm leaning towards the white-on-white option, providing I can find one I like. I have another yard and a half of the deep blue in the workroom just in case. I couldn't resist getting more--the "hand" of this fabric is unbelievable--silky soft, quilters' quality and less than four bucks a yard. What a delight to sew on!

This tablerunner is for me! Huge grin. I don't know how long it's taken to finish. I fused the appliques ten years ago, then left them in the fabric store (!) while I was trying to find a coordinating fabric. That froze my molasses. I recovered eventually and fused a new set of poinsettias, gradually began assembling the ivory/tan/white background squares and somehow managed to almost finish blanket-stitching them (so close) before the Christmas sweatshop workshop opened for business.
If you thought the green border looked a whole lot like the blue snowflakes, you're entirely right. Another chance to work with that scrumptious fabric!

Before the border--amazing difference. Good detail of my blanket-stitching too.

More and more of our presents are getting "wrapped" in bags. They're a great way to go Green and lighten up my stash. They're also a fine excuse to buy more fabric since these Victorian Santas (who've been cluttering my workbasket for years) didn't match anything I already had. So we now possess three more bags.
This concludes my red-and-green January. I've moved on to thinking about handpainted flowers on linen pillows a la Pottery Barn.

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  1. always humming1/21/2010 8:23 PM

    I just loooove the pointsettias! Care to share the pattern with your taller female sibling?