Friday, April 08, 2022

Good news, bad news

 A rodent of some sort took up residence in our garage this winter.  

Bad news for the wiring on our car. Bad news for a new bag of dog food. Bad news for the duffle holding my kayak gear. Bad news for all the boxes and magazines that were in his path. Bad news that urine stains cement.  Bad news that I don't know if this was a deer mouse or not.  Bad news that our mousetraps somehow didn't catch the little bugger.

Good news that this post won't have any photos (really good, trust me).  Good news that Spring gifted us with weather balmy enough the working in the garage was pleasant.  Good news that bleach exists to disinfect possible hantavirus particles.  Good news that the Great Garage Purge of 2022 means that I'm averaging eight thousand steps a day and toting heavy boxes.  Good news that I was already exercising so I'm not knackered.

Bad news was the flaming hissy fit of epic proportions on my part during Day One  Good news was that on Day Two I unearthed a Tale of Two Bad Mice by Beatrice Potter in a pile of stored books and was able to smile and realize that attitude is everything!

So, hurray for a freshly reorganized garage with lots less stuff in it.  Now I'm just hoping that my sweetie is in the same relentless purging mood when he goes through "his" pile of stuff!

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