Thursday, November 10, 2022

Whiplash Season

 Was it just a few days ago that our sugar maple and redbud were gloriously golden?  That a few late roses were still vibrant?  That I was contemplating a long bike ride?

Well, six inches of snow and lows in the teens will change things quickly.  Lilypad Pond has its first skim of ice on it.  Every shrub and tree branch bowed in homage after twelve hours of constant drifting snow loaded their still-unshed leaves.

The pup got the zoomies as she discovered the wonders of snow.  She is trying to figure out why she can no longer wade in the pond. And I'm pretty sure most of the country could hear her shrill, almost hysterical, barking when I attempted to shovel snow. At seven months, Lila tolerates the Roomba, the broom, the leaf rake and the lawn mower.  The snow shovel is a work in progress!

I've not adjusted to the time change either, exacerbated by a quick trip south to Arizona where the sun was shining cheerfully at 6:30 a.m.  

I'm trying to focus on the positive aspects of snow, ice and cold.  Hmmm....

   Precipitation means water for the garden. 

   Ice on the pond means Lila won't be wading regularly and dirtily.

   Storm prep got me winterizing the yard a little earlier than usual.

   My warm kitchen will be a welcome by-product of oven use.

   I get to scoop frozen dogsicles instead of the other variety. 

   Outdoor activity burns more calories in the cold.

 Hey, Summer--green lawns, long days--I'll miss you!  Autumn, you were absolutely gorgeous this year. Sorry that Winter moved in so quickly.  Springtime, I'll be here waiting for you!


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