Saturday, May 08, 2010

HGTV for Chicks

Carole, Sophia, Rita and Norma Jean love their new abode. They felt their former rabbit hutch-turned-brooder was a bit like making four teenage princesses share a studio apartment, so they were thrilled to move into our extra doghouse.

Even better, I hawk- and dog-proofed our little-used sideyard into a chicken run for the girls. While they've been busy scratching and pecking and flapping and playing tag, I've been renovating the doghouse into a true coop. Here's a sneak peek.
...but only a peek because it's at that utilitarian stage of renovation that looks fairly pathetic.  My girls are understanding about living with remodeling especially since I've promised that I'll caulk the seams, glue down the linoleum, install nest box dividers, put up living room walls, insulate and paint the whole shebang by early next week.  A contractor's life is not an easy one!

Meanwhile, here's a glimpse of Sophia testing out the nest box and her wings.  Can you believe how much she's grown?
...wasn't it just yesterday that they all looked like this?
Sigh, we mothers always think our babies grow up too fast, don't we!


  1. Oh my gosh! They have gotten huge!

  2. Well, at my house there are so many of them that I am okay with them getting bigger, lol. It took me a while, but I made peace with having my last baby and I am actually enjoying all of his growing.

    Hope you have a delightful day. Oh, and your violet china is divine.

  3. Oh, the little ladies will soon be going through the "homely stage". But you will never notice it because, after all, you ARE their mama. But then, whoa!, such lovely, fat, adorably feathery hens they will become! Their little cottage will be exactly right for them.... what a joy and what fun you must be having!