Monday, May 24, 2010

On The Way To The Front Door

Golly, we're all glad to have you visit--even the Wedgewood Blue Dutch iris which seldom blooms but makes me very happy when it does!
My candytuft demurely posing in the background is one of my favorite spring flowers--the white sets off all the other colors and is, let us say, fecund.  Can flowers be fecund?  I bought three four-inch pots a decade ago and now I've transplanted their seedlings in every corner of my yard and I've given away more than I can count.  Talk about value for your money!

I'm happy that the sea thrift is flourishing amidst crocus leaves and yet another hollyhock. 
I once had a hollyhock that was as pink as the thrift and I keep hoping one of the seedlings will be as nice.  I do love pink in my garden!

It's been a great year for dandelions this year--too windy to spray them without poisoning the other plants.  See them hiding there amidst my violas and creeping phlox?  Grrrr.
Just you wait, 'Enry 'Iggens, just you wait!

These frilly deep lavender-and-white bearded iris successfully compete with the pink flowering dogwood for attention.
Hmmm, didn't I snap a dogwood photo?  No?  Oh well, moving on...

On your way up to Meadowsweet Cottage's front door you'll be greeted by these bluebells. They were one of the first bulbs I planted here and have flourished.  I'm in the process of spreading these prolific little ladies into our backyard too.
I know it's not Easter, but some bunnies live in our cottage garden year-round. What would springtime be without a bunny to greet you?

You might get sidetracked by the scent of my favorite lilac before you reach the porch.  That red-violet color just makes my heart go pitty-pat.
She's my Persian lilac.  I wish I had more just like her.

I think my Nelly Moser clematis is my show-stopper though.  Those blooms are huge!
She's not shy about welcoming you, that's for sure.  And neither am I!

I guess you could say that when my garden blooms each May, life feels just ducky.
I couldn't resist!

Come back and visit my forest garden tomorrow! Or drop by An Oregon Cottage and see some other gardens (even some that have had real live warm weather).


  1. LOL! Your duckling is so cute!
    Lilacs at the front door is a wonderful idea.Visitors get a treat coming to your door. Your Candytuft and Sea Thrift are so pretty. I started Candytuft from seed last year and planted it along my sidewalk. It has not bloomed yet but I am hoping it will this year a little. The Wedgewood Iris looks so pretty against it.
    Looking forward to your forest garden.

  2. Beautiful cheery pictures.
    I thought of you alot this past week-end. When I heard those sirens and I said a prayer. Just like you said that you were doing. A friend of mine told me she really enjoys praying for the people on her flights as they take off and land. I think that's a wonderful idea, and I started doing that as well.
    It seems that the life lost here was also not wearing a seat belt. So sad. So young to go. Why can't they remember to put those belts on.
    Anyway, bless you. ((((HUGS))))

  3. Love all the beautiful flowers.....especially the iris's & violas.

  4. What a beautiful garden. This year I am really focusing on adding some color to my flower beds. Love yours!

  5. Lovely flowers and yes, candytuft and bluebells are the gifts that just keep giving! Thanks for a sunny walk... nothing but rain here, but everything sure is green:)

    visiting from Jami's garden tour

  6. Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love your color! I, too, love the pinks and purples. I have candytuft, nelly moser, and purple iris blooming now. They're about the only thing to give me a smile in this wet, cold spring we're having!

    Thanks for linking these gorgeous photos at the Tuesday Garden Party!