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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Such a Simple Thing

In the Olden Days of the Blogosphere, we all left comments on each other's posts and it felt like a neighborhood or community of friends.

Then Facebook seduced us with an icon so we could approve at the push of a button.  So fast, so easy.  But we still made short comments, at least.  Then heart icons on Instagram and Tik Tok appearred.  Is it just me or does typing a comment on those platforms seem a bit too pushy/unneeded/intrusive/over-personal? 

Blogs, however, don't have a cute little icon to quickly show I like/care/etc. 

I'm now guilty of reading a blog and sometimes not commenting. I got spoiled.  Putting my thoughts into words takes time compared with clicking a convenient little icon. 

Anyway, I just checked my Comments Setting and realized I'd been getting comments but had not approved them.  Mostly because I never saw them.  Might be the system never gave me a heads up via email.  Or it might have been something I did wrong.  (Not likely since I'm sooooo tech savy,)

I sincerely apologize to everyone who commented during my March Binge of Posts. When I checked my Stats, I was thrilled to not only see I had readers, but that some had commented!!! And I never knew and never acknowledged you.

Suffice it to say that I reset my Comments and they will just appear after the post (and I'll delete the spam as needed.)  Because I love anyone who is willing to spend a little of their time to make me feel pretty wonderful and connected through our common interests.  

Now I need to figure out how to respond to your kind comments.   Our give-and-take is a simple thing, but is really the essence of who we are!

I know have some technical learning/updating to do.  Blogger changed enough things since I was posting regularly--in a previous decade--that I need to relearn their system.  I'm grateful that adding photos got easier after their last iteration.  I never had a problem changing my banner from season to season or as the mood struck me, and that's a priority for me now.  The current truck and simple font is a lot different from what I'd prefer.  It does the trick, but I accept the challenge to upgrade my skills.

In random news, Lilypad Pond has been ice-free for a grand total of two days now.  Apparently Lila thinks it is warm enough to wade in.  Sheesh.

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  1. It's hard, the comment thing. I never reply on the blog because they just get lost there and how many come back to see what you said if you did comment. I do try to email anyone who visited or at the very least visit their blog. But it does get frustrating. And if someone is a no-reply blogger or doesn't have a blog, all bets are off!